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About us

The winery dates back to the Michálek family, which was in the beginning of 20. century one of the most powerful winegrowing and winemaking clans in the city of Modra, Slovakia.

Today we work in our own, old vineyards in Modras terroir – in three different places (Hony): Dolné Grefty, Noviny a Téglik. A smaller part of the grape production is being bought or just swapped with friends. Our yearly production is only about 15 000 bottles and our main varieties are Veltlínske zelené (Gruner Veltliner), Chardonnay, Rizling rýnsky (Riesling) and Svätovavrinecké (Saint Laurent).

„Our wine is a true reflections of the nature. We are aware the Terroir as the sovereign Lord of ours and we do not try to fight, nor change him. We produce everything manually, slowly and with respect to our history. That is also why on our labels you can find the map of Modras old Land register, dating back to 1895″


Where can you meet

We would love to meet with you and taste our wines! Have a look at the calendar for our public tastings or just contact us and book a private degustation! We look forward hearing of you!

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